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Our products are sourced from our own Global Gap certified farm and from small scale farmers spread across Central Kenya, The Eastern and The Rift Valley. To ensure quality and quantity Phyma has employed technical field staff who train farmers on best crop production practices, crop protection and quality control in order to meet the international standards such as the residue levels. They work under an experienced Chief Agronomist.


At Phyma each stage of the value chain – production, harvesting, transport, processing and packaging, is taken care of to ensure the product meets regulatory food safety requirements, quality and traceability. This is made possible by our team comprising of qualified personnel in all categories of our field. They are dedicated to ensuring that every client is well served and satisfied.


All our packing materials are sourced from reputable companies that conform to international standards on food processing practices. Our packaging pattern, labeling and shipping schedule depends on each client’s requirements and specifications We are dedicated to packing and delivering Kenya’s finest produce to our customers every day of the year.


Our close proximity to Kenya’s biggest international airport ensures that our packed produce is not compromised. We have built a good business relationship with our forwarding agents who are able to secure space on various airlines.

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Airport South Road - Embakasi
P.O. Box 20037-00200 NAIROBI - KENYA
+254 20 2019623 / 3536615
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