Our Team

Our team comprises of qualified personnel in all categories of our field who concentrate on improving all aspects of our business to strengthen its foundation. They are all dedicated to ensuring that every client is well served and satisfied.

James M. Muikia


James Miana Muikia is one of the founders of Phyma Fresh. He serves as the Director in charge of finance. In this capacity, he provides quantitative information that is used to guide the entire management team in strategic decisions as well as help in formulating budgets and functional plans of the company. As the financial director, he is also responsible for the accounting function ensuring that there is a strong and functional internal control system and that proper books of account are kept in accordance with International Accounting Standards.

Phyllis W. Maina

Managing Director

The current Managing Director of Phyma Fresh Produce Limited is Ms. Phyllis Maina. She is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. The function ensures that culture of the company is upheld and observance of the “fingerprint” of the company i.e. the Mission Statement, Vision, Goals and the Values of the company. She also doubles-up as the Operations Manager. In this her key role is to ensure that all the departments work harmoniously to fulfill the set goals in line with the company policies, rules and regulations and the code of conduct. Phyma’s Operations Manager also serves as the Marketing Manager. As the marketing manager she is responsible for product development, creation of new markets, maintaining existing clientele, market penetration, market intelligence, product strategies, pricing strategies, promotion strategies, and distribution strategies.

Joyce Njoki Maina

Product Development Assistant

The Product Development Assistant at Phyma is Ms. Joyce Njoki Maina. Her core responsibilities are Pricing, Product placement, Product promotion and Customer Service i.e. to evaluate pricing of products, how the products are priced and sold, find new and maintain existing customers. She sets main objectives after determining demand and supply. By placing decisions she determines the channels, coverage, assortments, locations, and inventory as well as transportation logistics. She is in charge of relationship management in sustaining the funnel of future sales by listening to customers, whether by email, social media or traditional ways (culture) to enable the company redevelop or better product brands. She is also responsible for the company’s corporate communications activities i.e. customer care and public relations.

Lenny Kuria Mwitumi

Internal Auditor

The Internal Auditor at Phyma is Mr. Lenny Kuria M. His core responsibilities include giving an independent and objective assurance designed to add value and improve the company’s financial operations. The internal audit activity helps the company accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and corporate processes. He also evaluates the adequacy of the system of internal controls to recommend improvements or changes in controls; when need arises, he also doubles up as the I.T officer at Phyma Fresh Produce Limited.

Isaac Timona Wanyonyi

Chief Agronomist

The Agronomist at Phyma, Mr. Isaac Wanyonyi Timona, is in charge of studying crop production in order to discern the best ways to plant, harvest and cultivate the crops, regardless of climate. He also comes up with methods of controlling weeds and pests to keep crops disease-free. This way, he helps our contracted farmers to produce the finest crops, on a consistent basis. He works closely with field technicians who report back to him on a regular basis. The field Technicians offer technical support to our contracted small-scale farmers to ensure best attainable qualities and quantities of crops. He trains the field technicians who in turn train the farmers and on best crop production practices, crop protection and quality control. He also carries out regular field inspection visits to ensure the international standards on good agricultural practices are maintained.